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Hello! My name is Marina Kuznetsova. I'm from Gomel (Belarus). I am 27. I am UI and UX designer. I've been working in design since 2010. Basically I worked with mobile applications and websites. I dealt with big and difficult interfaces with many features and details. I worked in mobile payment system and in game dev company. I work in design about 6 years, but I make designs almost all my adult life. I have Bachelor degree in Arts. I’ve studied in Institute of modern knowledge (2006-2012) Minsk, Belarus. I worked with small and big projects, as a freelancer and as an office worker. I like to work in a strong team. I like interesting and challenging tasks. I have passion to resolve different challenges and to get achievements. I want to get professional improvement. I want to work with qualified stakeholders and managers, who understand business needs and users needs. I like work by Agile, cause it effectively, I think. And of course I like to see kind people around me, and motivate each other to create great product.

Per aspera ad astra!

- Latin phrase -



UI Design

I worked with small and big websites and mobile applications


I familiar with specifics of people's thinking, and I always use my knowledge in practice

Graphic Design

I worked in advertising company, I familiar with typographic principles and I can prepare material for printing


I coded a little, I understand code, I can fix some mistakes and I can explain what I want to coder :) Also I can use the Adobe Muse for making prototype.

Work Experience

2010-2011 - Advertising agency "Sarafannoe radio" (Gomel, Belarus) - Graphic Designer
2011-2012 - Design studio "Concept"(Gomel, Belarus) - Graphic Designer
2010-2014 - Self employer - Web Designer
2013-2014 - "Intervale"(Moskow/Russia) - UI/UX Designer
2014-2015 - "" - Web Designer
since later 2014 - - Self employer
since 2015 - Youtube - Videoblogger
since 2015 - - Co-founder

I usually use

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Muse
Adobe Edge Animate


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Marina Kuznetsova

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